testjigg / testsystem

To effectively massproduce electronic products , it's necessary to have certain jiggs and systems to interface between the D.U.T

(Device under test) and a line of testequipment. Signals needs to be checked , parts needs to be calibrated , a row of stimuli's may be needed

to activate certain functions in the D.U.T. I am specialized in developing the electronics needed inside the mechanical fixtures , to adapt the

signals, powerlevels and everything else generated by the D.U.T , to safely interface with the test equipment. Sometimes the most efficient

solution is to design the testfixture as a stand alone unit. Then I build in everything that's necessary inside the fixture itself and this

generally result in a very compact and efficient method of masstesting.

Another alternative is to use a general testrack with a line of instruments and equipment available to a number of different testfixtures.

This generally demands a signal interfacing board inside the testfixture. Something I have much experience in.


With my experience in this field , I can suggest and advice you in the process of test strategy and testfixtures and equipment already in

the development phase. I design the electronics based on your specifications and demands.

The result will be a testsystem , both easy and safe to operate , with a row of protections to protect both equipment and operator.





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